Removing the Bolt without Disassembling the rifle

Using the M1 Carbine Bolt Tool to Disassemble the Bolt

Below shows a close up view of each step during the disassembly of the M1 Carbine Bolt. Use the video at the bottom, and pause on each step, and use the above photos for a close up view.

If you have any plans of taking apart the bolt on the M1 Carbine for any reason, you really need a Carbine Bolt Tool. These run anywhere from $50 to $80, but you can get them from Sarco that works perfectly much cheaper. They are a little slow about shipping stuff, so count on a 1 week delay from the time you order, till they ship it. They are also a good source for other things, including very good magazines for the Carbines, that are very affordable. You can order the Bolt Tool here for $22 plus shipping. This is the one I have, and it works perfect.

Watch the below video a couple of times prior to Disassembly .

M1 Carbine Bolt Disassembly and Assembly Video

Head Space

If you ever have your barrel or bolt replaced, you will need to have the Head Space checked. If there is not enough, the bolt will not be able to fully close on the breach and bullet. If too much head space, you could have a explosion, with parts of the bolt, shell casing, and receiver being sent flying. Making sure the Head Space is correct, and a good bolt will prevent this.

With a new barrel, a Go Gauge is used to insure the chamber is the correct size. This is the only gauge that the bolt must fully close on.

The next test, is the Field Gauge. With it properly installed, the gun is Safe to shoot.

The most stringent gauge, is the No Go Gauge. If the bolt does not fully close on this, the gun is safe, and has a long life ahead.

With most head space gauges, the bolt must be disasembed, and the ejector removed to do the test. With Foster Head Space Gauges, there is no need to take the bolt apart.

A comparison of Forged verses Modern Casting.

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