Adding a M1 Garand Style Sling to a M1 Carbine

Above is a 1 inch wide replica of the M1 Garand Sling. It fits into the M1 Carbine by only removing the quick swival hook from the end.

This is a Carbine being used in Vietnam with the M1 style
sling on it to allow quick changing of the sling configuration

This is the sling with the Quick Swival Hook removed

Slip the end through the stock and place the oiler
in it, and then pull the excess back through.

Adjust the sling to the desired length,
then latch the Steel Cam Buckle.

You can now change the length of the sling in a couple of secounds, instead of minuites to be able to use it on the range for added support just like the slings on the M1 Garand.

Below shows some of the many ways to inprove your shooting with a sling.

To do this on the M1 Carbine and this special sling, simply shove the sling loop through the rear of the stock, slide the oilier out, and pull the loop back through and adjust it to fit your arm like in the below photos.

Through the arm, and to rear of stock

Rear loop around arm

The proper steps to sling up are thus:

*Cradle the rifle in the arm and detach the rear of sling from the rifle
*Make a loop by pulling the sling through the middle of the slider buckle and put your arm through the loop
*Slide the loop above the bicep, and tighten the loop
*Unlock the keeper and pull the sling strap until you have removed the slack and close the keeper
*Bring your hand to the forearm, coming from above the sling. It should wrap around the back of your hand as shown above
*The sling should feel tight everywhere, if it feels loose, take up more sling slack and settle back into position

Where to Order the Sling

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